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Atlas Scientific EZO pH Circuit
Although it is a common measurement, accurately reading pH is very difficult. Atlas Scientific&rsquo..
Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH Probe
This Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH probe is our highest accuracy pH probe. The internal double junct..
Atlas Scientific pH Kit
If you are new to electrochemical sensing, knowing what components you need can get confusing. Let u..
Atlas Scientific 30 Meter BNC Extension Cable
This 30 Meter BNC male to BNC female Extension Cable allows you to extend the length of your probes ..
Atlas Scientific Consumer Grade pH Probe
This pH Probe can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the SMA connector indefinit..
Atlas Scientific Gravity™ Analog pH Kit
The Atlas Scientific Gravity pH Kit low-cost solution for engineers who are looking for a simple mon..
Atlas Scientific Industrial pH Kit
Are you working with a PLC and aren’t sure what parts are right for you? Let us help you. This..
Atlas Scientific Industrial pH Probe
Designed for industrial process control, the Atlas Scientific industrial pH probe has all the capabi..
Atlas Scientific Industrial pH/ORP/Temp Probe
The Atlas Scientific Industrial pH/ORP/Temp probe is built to last. It has all the sensing capabilit..
Atlas Scientific IXIAN pH Transmitter
Designed with PLCs in mind, the Atlas Scientific IXIAN™ pH transmitter is a simple to use pH t..
Atlas Scientific Large Magnetic Probe Holder
Specification • No assembly required • Mounts in seconds • Holds four standard s..
Atlas Scientific Magnetic Probe Holder
Specification • No assembly required • Mounts in seconds • Holds three standard ..
Atlas Scientific Micro pH Probe
The Atlas Scientific Micro-pH Probe was designed for microfluidics and other small applications. Bec..
Atlas Scientific Mini Lab Grade ORP Probe
All Atlas Scientific mini probes have the same capabilities as our full-size lab grade probes, just ..
Atlas Scientific Mini Lab Grade pH Probe
If space is an issue, the Atlas Scientific mini lab grade pH probe might be for you. This probe offe..

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