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Breadboard Expansion for NI myRIO
The MXP Breadboard provides a 300 tie breadboard & 50 tie bus bar on an expansion card compatibl..
Breadboard Wire Kit
Have your circuits ever been so disastrously disorganized that everyone else is having a diffic..
Cat5e Ethernet Cable
Features: Standard RJ-45 connectors 10' Category 5E ethernet cable ..
Cmod MX1: Breadboardable PIC32MX Microcontroller Module
The Cmod MX1 is a MPIDE compatible board from Digilent. It combines a Microchip® PIC32MX150..
Coax Power Cable
Features: 2.1mm female power connector for use with Digilent power supplies Useful for any D..
Digilent PCB Ruler
Do you find yourself wishing that you had a new cool way to interact with Pmods that wasn't the ..
Digilent Screwdriver
This remarkable and stylish tool is sure to become the centerpiece of any dedicated techie's too..
Digilent Sticker Sheet
These sticker sheets allow you to decorate to your heart's content, providing your heart is cont..
Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter and Logic Probes
The High Speed Adapter, for the 32-pin connector on the Digital Discovery, is an alternative to..
DMC 60: Digital Motor Controller
The DMC 60 is a powerful and compact motor drive/amplifier designed for robotics, electric vehicles,..
DMC60C: Digital Motor Controller approved for FIRST Robotics
The DMC60C is a powerful compact motor driver designed for any application where 12V brushed DC..
European Wall Plug Adapter
Features: Convenient way to switch from US wall plug to European or UK wall plugs Simpl..
FeeTech FS5103R Continuous Rotation Servo
Features: Designed for continuous rotation Pulse width: 500-2500 µs Rotational ..
FMC-CE: Basic Input/Output Expansion Board
This product has been discontinued The FMC-CE card is meant to be used with a Xilinx® de..
FMC-HDMI: Dual HDMI Input Expansion Card
The FMC-HDMI extends FMC-compatible FPGA systems with two HDMI Type A input ports. It’s extrem..

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