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Tail Skid
Provide your two-wheeled application with much needed stability and balance, without the need for ad..
Thermocouple Wire: 1 Meter
At 1 meter long, this K-Type thermocouple wire allows you to safely and accurately measure the tempe..
UART Crossover Cable
Features: 6", 6-pin crossover cable Connects newer UART-interface Pmods (PmodBT) to old..
UK Wall Plug Adapter
Features: Convenient way to switch from US wall plug to European or UK wall plugs Simpl..
USB A to Micro-B Cable
Standard USB A to micro-B cable. ..
USB A to Mini-B Cable
Standard USB A to mini-B cable, measuring nearly 5ft in length. ..
USB to Serial Adapter Cable
Features: Plugs into any USB port and provides a serial connection Allows newer PCs without ..
VHDCI Male-to-Male Cable
Features: VHDCI male connector on both ends 16" in length Useful for connecting Vmods..
VRM: Voltage Regulator Module (Rev. B)
The Digilent VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) is a battery-friendly, switching voltage regulator capab..
Wire Wrap or Protoboard Expansion for NI myRIO
The MXP Wire Wrap provides a large 14x21 hole prototyping area on an expansion card compatible with ..
WS2812 Addressable LED: 1M Waterproof Strip
Educators, need to add a little excitement to your lab exercises? These LED strips are just about..
XUP Fly Wire Assembly
Features: For use with the XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable Breaks out each of the six JTAG si..
zUNO Clip: Mechanical Mount for Microcontroller Boards
Need to keep your microcontroller board from going anywhere? The zUNO Clips make it a cinch to secur..

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