Breadboard Wire Kit

Product Code: DG 310-001

Breadboard Wire Kit
Breadboard Wire Kit
Breadboard Wire Kit
Breadboard Wire Kit
Breadboard Wire Kit
Brand: Digilent

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Have your circuits ever been so disastrously disorganized that everyone else is having a difficult time analyzing that tangle of wires you're calling a project? Well, with 140 wires of various lengths and colors at your disposal, any project you create can be completely neat and orderly. These pre-cut wires provide an excellent way to work with prototyping areas and breadboards - and they come in a hardy plastic case that is perfect for clutter-free storage or travel. Try out your hand with an organized, color-coded circuit project that will surely send your peers into a covetous frenzy!


  • 140 pieces of pre-trimmed .22ga jumper wires, in various lengths and colors
  • Contained in a hard plastic box
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