OAK Y-Adapter

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OAK Y-Adapter
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Description :
Y-adapter is used to supply power to OAK cameras through USB-C connector. Note that in most cases, host computer is able to provide enough current (>1A) and you don’t need a Y-adapter. Y-adapter is only needed in cases where host is not able to provide enough current:
For Pro versions (OAK-D ProOAK-D Pro PoE), where IR LED and dot projector can draw up to 1A alone,
In case you are using small SBC like Raspberry Pi, and OAK camera isn’t the only USB device that’s drawing power.Older (pre-2022) versions of OAK cameras have power barrel jack for supplying power (instead of the Y-adapter), while newer OAK cameras only have USB-C connector - which is why we engineered the Y-adapter.

Getting started :
1.Connect host computer to the Y-adapter’s USB-C data port via USB-C cable
2.Connect USB wall charger to the Y-adapter’s USB-C power port via USB-C cable
3.Insert Y-adapter to the OAK device via USB-C connector​../_images/Y_Adapter_5.jpg

Dimensions and Weight

Weight: 5g


3D Models

  • Board STEP files here

  • Enclosure STEP files here

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