ROBOTIS Mini - Humanoid Kit With 3D Printed Parts

Product Code: ROBT 901-0046-200

ROBOTIS Mini - Humanoid Kit With 3D Printed Parts
ROBOTIS Mini - Humanoid Kit With 3D Printed Parts
ROBOTIS Mini - Humanoid Kit With 3D Printed Parts
ROBOTIS Mini - Humanoid Kit With 3D Printed Parts

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If you haven't checked out the amazing capabilities of the DARwIn-OP Deluxe Edition, you should! DARwIn-Mini is the younger, but no less amazing, sibling of this award winning robot. DARwIn-Mini is a Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robotwith Intelligence from Korea-based ROBOTIS kits, famed for their transformability and stunning humanoid designs.

DARwIn-Mini can be controlled by smartphone and by voice command. Its parts are also 3D printable and his software open source, for extra cool modification. You could 3D print different colored feet, hands, or legs with vibrant filament colors to personalize your bot! DARwIn-Mini also has neat embedded LEDs to enhance his activities. You can use your bot with the pre-programmed features on the mobile app or program DARwIn-Mini yourself with the easy-to-use, C-based RoboPlus software.

DARwIn-Mini comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is compatible with the BIOLOID STEM robotics system. Currently, the app is only available for use with Android devices, but iPhone compatibility is in the works. You'll need a bluetooth module on your computer to program your DARwIn-Mini.

E-manual for the DARwIn Mini is available here


  • Maintains compatibility with the 6mm grid OLLO Frame
  • Applies the small Dynamixel XL-320 for various motion functions
  • Offers the ROBOTIS DARWIN-MINI Exclusive App (supports Touch, Gesture, Voice Recognition, and Messenger)
  •  Easily program your robot using RoboPlus!
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