UMA-16 USB mic array

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UMA-16 USB mic array
UMA-16 USB mic array
UMA-16 USB mic array
UMA-16 USB mic array
Brand: MiniDsp

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The UMA-16 is a high-performance yet low cost 16 channel USB microphone array with plug&play USB audio connectivity. With its onboard SHARC+XMOS controller board, the UMA-16 is the perfect fit for development of beamforming algorithms or DIY acoustic camera. Its system architecture consists of two core elements:

- The microphone array PCB has 16 x SPH1668LM4H MEMS Knowles laid out in a Uniform Rectangular Array (URA). A center hole fits an optional USB camera for applications such as an acoustic camera. Being a simple 2layer PCN, one can easily customize his own array layout by following our schematics.

- At the helm of the UMA-16 operation is the nanoSharc kit. A 400MHz SHARC ADSP21489 + 500MHz multicore CPU providing substantial processing power for high SNR PDM to PCM conversion and multichannel low latency USB audio.
The UMA-16 can also be used as a low cost USB to PDM mems board to acquire and convert audio for 3rd party MEMS. 

With the UMA-16, miniDSP makes high channel count microphone array processing very affordable and hopes to further technological advances for beamforming technology.


  • Multichannel USB microphone array for voice command
  • 16 channels of RAW audio for development of custom beamforming algorithms
  • High quality MEMS from Knowles SPH1668LM4H
  • USB to PDM conversion for up to 16 x PDM MEMS microphones
  • Center Hole for USB camera (Not provided)
  • Sample Matlab code to get started  


Item Description
Digital Signal Processor 32-bit Floating point Analog Devices SHARC ADSP21489 / 400 MHz - Configuration locked
USB audio input XMOS Xcore200 asynchronous USB audio up to 192 kHz, USB Audio Class 2 compliant
  • ASIO drivers for Windows
  • Driverless for Mac OS X
PDM inputs Up to 16 x MEMS microphone connections (8 x stereo PDM data lines)
MEMS microphone 16 x SPH1668LM4H - Acoustic Overload @ 120dBSPL / High SNR of 65dB / RF shielded
ADC/DAC Sample rate & Resolution

Resolution: 24 bit

Sample rate:  14.7k/11.025k/12k/16k/22.05k/44.1k/48k

USB port USB port type Mini-B for audio streaming and firmware upgrade
Power supply 12 VDC single supply / Header input / 2.5W
Dimensions (H  x W x D) mm 132 x 195 x 25 mm
Mounting 4 x M3 holders for front panel mounting /  CAD drawings available on demand


What's in the box?

  • 1 x UMA-16 USB microphone array interface
  • 1 x 1.5m USB miniUSB cable
  • 1 x 12V power supply with EU/UK/US plugs 
  • Access to the UserDownloads section for ASIO drivers/Firmware updates once the product purchased. 


Make sure to check out our Microphone array application notes for more details. 



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