Bump Sensor(Bumper Switch)

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Bump Sensor(Bumper Switch)

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The bump sensors (bump switch) are used on our robot kit 10004, it can help the robot kit to avoid obstacles and move on the no obstacles path.Bump sensors (bump switch)let your robot kit sense contact. Use a bump sensor (bump switch) in front of the robot so that it can sense contact over a larger area.

The bump sensors (bump switch) are digital sensors,with a robot program to perform a variety of tasks.the bump sensor (bump switch) can detect and avoid obstacles. Use a bump sensor (bump switch) in front of your robot kit with a little sample code, the robot can back up and turn around to avoid dangerous collisions autonomously, this is benefits of use a bump sensor (bump switch) with your robot programming.


Dimension:105mm X 33mm X 25mm
Body Material: Aluminium Alloy

Key Features:
Provide feedback to Microcontroller as events “happen”.
Rugged bumpers allow switch to be triggered without damage.
Useful as a trigger in a variety of applications.
Functionality is pre-programmed in the NEXUS Microcontroller.

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Bumper Sensor 20016pdf

Download STP Files:

Bumper Sensor 20016

2wd-mobile-arduino-robotics-car-c004 bumper-switch-sensor-20016-3 bumper-switch-sensor-20016-2

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