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  • CM-530 is a controller that includes a CPU, TTL communication board, status LED, input button, GP I/O port, etc. 
  • Compatible with the AX and MX series (TTL communication).
  • Supports Bluetooth and Zigbee communication. 
  • Connects via PC and USB comm.

Package Components

CM-530 1
Mini USB Cable 1

H/W Specifications

Weight 54g
CPU ARM Cortex STM32F103RE
Voltage Supply 6V ~ 15V (Recommended : 11.1V)
Current Consumption

Standby : 50mA

External I/O Max Current : 0.3A

Total Max Current : 10A (Fuse)

Operation Temperature -5℃~70℃
Internal I/O Device

Button : 5 (Reset 1, Port 5)

MIC (Sound detection) : 1

Voltage Sensor : 1

External I/O Device

5pin I/O Port : 6

AX/MX series (TTL) 3pin connector : 5

Compatible Products

Dynamixel : AX-12W, AX-12A, AX-18A, MX-28T, MX-64T, MX-106T, MX-28AT, MX-64AT

Sensor : Gyro Sensor, DMS Sensor, Touch Sensor, IR Sensor

Wireless Communication : IR receiver, ZIG-110A Set, BT-110A Set

Etc. : Servo motor, LED module

-Equipped with Molex connector

-Cannot be used with RS-485 supported models, X-series, and PRO series.


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