Clicker 2 for dsPIC33

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Clicker 2 for dsPIC33
Clicker 2 for dsPIC33
Clicker 2 for dsPIC33
Clicker 2 for dsPIC33
Clicker 2 for dsPIC33

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clicker 2 for dsPIC33 is a compact dsPIC development kit with two mikroBUS™ sockets for click board connectivity. It carries a 16-bit dsPIC33EP512MU810 microcontroller from Microchip, with a 70 MIPS dsPIC DSC core. With a built-in USB-HID bootloader the clicker 2 for dsPIC33 it easy to program.

Everything you need to get started

The board features everything you need to get started: a dsPIC33EP512MU810 microcontroller, micro USB connector, two mikroBUS™ sockets, two LEDs and push buttons, reset button and headers for interfacing with external electronics.

dsPIC33EP512MU810 microcontroller

Microchip’s dsPIC33E family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a 70 MIPS dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals. These DSCs enable the design of high-performance, precision motor control systems that are more energy efficient, quieter in operation, have a great range and extended life.

dsPIC33EP512MU819 is 16-bit low power high-performance microcontroller is rich with on-chip peripherals and features 512 KB of program memory and 53,248 bytes of RAM. It has integrated full speed USB 2.0. support.

Thousands of possibilities with click boards™

Take advantage of the constantly expanding range of over 300 click boards™ - the onboard mikroBUS™ sockets allow you to add new functionality to your project. Each click board™ comes with a set of working example code.

Choose two clicks that suit your project the most, and you’re halfway done. Have fun and play, mix and match.

Power Management

clicker 2 for dsPIC33 features LTC®3586, a highly integrated power management and battery charger IC that includes a current limited switching PowerPath manager. LTC®3586 also enables battery charging over a USB connection.

You can supply power to the board with a micro USB cable provided in the package. On-board voltage regulators provide the appropriate voltage levels to each component on the board.


To make your prototyping experience as convenient as possible, clicker 2 for dsPIC33 is preprogrammed with a UART bootloader. Just download our mikroBootloader application and you’re ready to upload your firmware. MikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 connector enables programming through external programmer/debugger.

For more information see our Learn article about Bootloaders.


Applications This compact board brings flexibility of click add-on boards to your favorite microcontroller, making it a perfect starter kit for implementing your ideas
Architecture dsPIC/PIC24 (16-bit)
MCU Memory Program memory: 512KB, RAM memory: 53,248 KB
On-board modules 16-bit dsPIC33EP512MU810
Key Features LTC®3586 - power management and battery charger IC
Input Voltage 5V (via USB) or Li-Polymer Battery (3.7V)


 mikroProg Suite for PIC

 mikroProg for PIC User Manual

 Learn: Bootloaders

 dsPIC33 microcontroller datasheet

 clicker 2 for dsPIC33 manual

 clicker 2 for dsPIC33 mikroBootloader

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