Sigfox 868 Extreme Range Connectivity Kit

Product Code: CH-10673

Sigfox 868 Extreme Range Connectivity Kit
Brand: Cooking Hacks

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Connect your IoT projects to the Cloud easily with maximum range and coverage.

The Sigfox 868 Extreme Range Connectivity Kit includes:

  • 1x Sigfox module for Arduino, Waspmote and Raspberry Pi - 868 MHz [XBee Socket]
  • 1x Communication Shield (XBee, Bluetooth, RFID) - XBee Shield
  • 1x Starter Kit
    • 1x Starter Kit Box
    • 1x "Starter Kit" Sticker
    • 1x Arduino Jumper Cables
    • 1x Breadboard clear
    • 20x Resistor 1/4W 5% 220 ohm
    • 10x Resistor 1/4W 5% 100 ohm
    • 10x Resistor 1/4W 5% 10 K
    • 10x Resistor 1/4W 5% 4,7 K
    • 10x Resistor 1/4W 5% 1 M
    • 2x Potentiometer 10K
    • 4x Push Button 12x12 B3F-4150
    • 1x Temperature Sensor (MCP9700)
    • 10x 5mm Red Led
    • 10x 5mm Green Led
    • 1x 9v To Barrel Jack Adapter
    • 1x LDR Sensor
    • 4x Sugus
    • 1x Piezo Speaker (ref.10066)
    • 1x 5mm Triple Output Led RGB (Common Anode)
    • 1x 9G Micro Servo
    • 1x Hobby Motor
    • 1x LCD 16*2 Characters - Green Yellow back light
    • 1x Transistor BC547CG


Do the Libelium products include a Sigfox license?
No. Sigfox license is not included in any of the Libelium items. User must contact Sigfox in order to acquire a license to connect the devices to the Sigfox Network.

Can I buy the Sigfox Ready modules and kits without a Sigfox license?
Yes. You can buy the hardware kits and acquire a Sigfox license later or use them just in P2P mode without a license.

How many licenses do I need to send to the Sigfox Network?
You need at least one license in order to create a Hybrid Network.

How do I know if I have coverage in my city?
You can check the coverage map here: 
We do also recommend to contact the Sigfox Network Operator in each country to ensure availability. Complete list of SNO's is included in the link above.

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