ESP8266 Development Board ESP-12F- Mini nodemcu

Product Code: MGSL-ESP8266

ESP8266 Development Board ESP-12F- Mini nodemcu
ESP8266 Development Board ESP-12F- Mini nodemcu
ESP8266 Development Board ESP-12F- Mini nodemcu
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Witty is the latest version of the all-in-one development board for the hugely popular WiFi IoT chip from Espressif, the ESP8266.  The main PCB on top consists of an ESP-12F module along with an RGB LED, an LDR, a user push button and USB connector for power.  The bottom board has a CH340G USB-to-UART module that allows you to connect this board to your PC/Laptop to reprogram the flash or to see debug messages.  The real advantage of this design is that, once your firmware is ready to be deployed into a project, you can remove the bottom board and directly power the top board (either through the additional USB connector or connecting power to the pins).


All the pins of the ESP-12F are brought out, so this module is just as flexible as the bigger Nodemcu board while being more compact and cheaper.  You can use the nodemcu firmware, or the Arduino development environment or build your own firmware using Espressif's SDK for the ESP8266.  You will need to program the firmware of your choice at the beginning before you are able to use this module. 


  • Uses latest ESP-12F module with 4M flash and integrated antenna
  • Includes CH340G USB-to-UART programmer
  • Compact design (30mm (w) * 30mm (d) * 15mm (h) approx.)
  • Includes LDR (light dependant resistor a.k.a photoresistor) connected to ESP's ADC pin
  • RGB LED connected to GPIO 12,13 and 15
  • User push button connected to GPIO4
  • Bottom board (with CH340G) can be separated and used as a USB-to-UART stand-alone to program other modules (like ESP-01)
  • Two mini USB connectors (on each on bottom and top boards) to allow top board to be powered and used independently


  • While this board is fully compatible with the nodemcu firmware, it does not come pre-flashed with it.  Since we don't open the original packaging, we don't get a chance to re-flash it before sending it to you.  You must reflash it (using the nodemcu flasher or the Arduino IDE) before you can use it.

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