Communications Overlay Shield Adapter for Particle Photon and Particle Electron

Product Code: NCD PR19-19

Communications Overlay Shield Adapter for Particle Photon and Particle Electron
Brand: NCD

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Expand you Particle Photon or Electron to add our line of communication modules.  Add Bluetooth, RS-232, Ethernet, WiFi, USB, or expand into industrial wireless using the complete line of Digi XBee® and XBee-Pro® series modules, including ZigBee, 802.15.4, and our favorite 900HP-S3B.  This is a overlay shield, which sits over the top of the Particle Photon or Electron, and plugs into our complete line NCD IoT Interface devices.  This overlay shield is slightly wider than Photon or Electron module, and plugs into the outer socket pins of NCD IoT Interface device.  This overlay shield includes extension pins, allowing it sit over the top of the Photon or Electron.

NOTE: The XBO adapter provides a power solution as well as TX and RX data connections to the Particle Photon or Particle Electron.  No other pins are mapped to the Particle module.

XBee® is a registered trademark of Digi International.


  • Connect Communication Modules to Particle
  • Compatible with Industrial Wireless Modules
  • Compatible with Ethernet, WiFi, RS-232, and USB Modules
  • Low-Profile Design Sits Over the Top of Electron or Photon
  • Compatible with NCD IoT Interface Devices
  • Includes Extension Pins for a Quick and Easy Fit
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