Planetary DC Geared Motor IG32E-35K

Product Code: IG32E-35K

Planetary DC Geared Motor IG32E-35K
Brand: Cytron

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Pleanetary geared motor is always well known with its less backlash and higher efficiency characteristic to meet the higher requiment. This planetary geared motor is manufactured by an establish Taiwanese motor company to ensure the motor's quality and durability. 

It also comes with a 7 pulses per rotation,single channel output to provide real time feedback on the rotating position. 


  • Voltage: 12VDC

  • Rated Torque: ~2.753 (270 mN.m) 
  • Rated Speed: 170 RPM
  • Rated Current: 900mA 
  • Rated Power: 7W
  • Weight: 242g
  • Shaft: 6.0 mm diameter x 16.3 mm length
  • Motor dimension (w x l x h): 32.0 mm x 32.0 mm x 96.9 mm, detailed drawing
  • Compatible motor driver:
  • Gear ratio: 35:1
  • Encoder Output: 245 pulses per rotation,single channel output​
  • Brushed motor type



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