Rotary Encoder Kit

Product Code: RE08A

Rotary Encoder Kit
Rotary Encoder Kit
Brand: Cytron

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This rotary encoder kit can be used for sensing motor's position and velocity. It is a very simple kit consisted of an optical beam sensor (opto switch, phototransistor) and a piece of slotted disc. It can be connected to any microcontroller via the 3-pin header. The optical beam sensor detects missing slots of the slotted disc, and generates a pulse train.

It requires +5VDC to power up, and gives a 0V and 5V output. It provides a 5V output when the beam is blocked, and a 0V output when the beam is unblocked. Your microcontroller can simply read the 0-5-0V pulse train to determine how far your motor has traveled, and how fast.

The kit includes a green LED that light up when the beam is uninterrupted.


  • Operating Voltage: 5 VDC
  • Pulse: 8 PPR
  • Output Signal: Digital output
  • Direct connection to microcontroller (internal pull-up to 5V)
  • Able to read up to 1KHz
  • Slotted Disc Diameter: 35mm
  • PCB Dimension: 15mm x 34mm



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