Cytron Prototyping Shield

Product Code: SHIELD-PROTO2

Cytron Prototyping Shield
Cytron Prototyping Shield
Brand: Cytron

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* Cytron Protoshield has been revised to be UNO R3 and Leonardo compatible. We have also prepare the pads for ISP.

You are exploring into Arduino platform and you found that there's no shield that can be used for your application. So you would like to make your own Arduino shield. But wait! Why is the Arduino main board cannot be connected to the standard prototyping board (donut board)? That's because Arduino platform is designed with one header shifted 0.01 inch away from the standard 0.1 inch prototyping grid. Hence, here comes the Proto Shield to get you out of the mess.

Cytron's Arduino Proto Shield is designed with two targets in mind – low cost & provide maximum prototyping area within Arduino's dimension. This product comes with 4 rows of stackable header and 4 SMD components - LED, push button, and resistor soldered on the well-labelled PCB. We ensure you that this is the cheapest Arduino Proto Shield available in the market. Why make your own when you can get one with such low price?


  • Standard 0.1” X 0.1” prototyping area

  • Stackable headers

  • Reset button

  • One LED for use as power or output indicator.

  • Every pin is extended out to two sides of the headers.

  • GND and +5V rails

  • 4 screw holes for easy mounting on Arduino and any place you want.

  • Deliver as assembled product.

Dimension: 68.58mm X 58.42mm 

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