DF Robot (DFR)

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10W Super Bright LED - RGB
This 10W super bright LED can be used as a flash searchlight for your robot projects. It consists of..
10W Super Bright LED - Warm White with 60 Degrees Lens
This 10W super bright LED can be used as a flash searchlight for your robot projects. It consists of..
16A Relay Module (Arduino Compatible)
A relay is an electrically operated switch, which has a control system (also known as the input ci..
27 Pcs Sensor Set For Arduino
If you want to start playing with sensors, this kit will be the perfect choice for you to get starte..
2A Motor Shield for Arduino Twin
Arduino product family is a great learning platform for electronics, programming and robotics. But m..
3.7V Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 1000mAh
These are very slim, extremely light weight batteries based on the new Polymer Lithium Ion chemistry..
50A Current Sensor(AC/DC)
  This is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear ACS758 current ..
7.4V Lipo 2200mAh Battery (Arduino Power Jack)
INTRODUCTION This high discharge LiPo is a great way to power any R/C, robotic, or portable proje..
7.4V Lipo Battery Charger
The choice of LiPo batteries and battery chargers can be overwhelming. In the past, with older RC ca..
Accessory Shield for Bluno
  Accessory Shield for experimentation Ideal prototyping platform for developers Seve..
Analog Alcohol Sensor(MQ3)
INTRODUCTION The analog gas sensor - MQ3 is suitable for detecting alcohol, this sensor can be us..
Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant
This product measures soil mositure levels by capacitive sensing, rather than resistive sensing li..
Analog Electrical Conductivity Meter (With Temperature Compensation)
Why measure EC? The salinity of the soil, irrigation water systems or fertilizer solutions is an imp..
Analog Gas Sensor(MQ4)
The MQ4 is used in gas leakage detecting equipment in consumer and industry markets, this sensor i..
Analog ORP Meter V1.0
In the ever-increasing need and awareness for health and safety, water has become a focus point for ..

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