DS1302 RTC Board

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DS1302 RTC Board
DS1302 RTC Board
DS1302 RTC Board
DS1302 RTC Board
DS1302 RTC Board

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  • Onboard serial RTC chip DS1302
    • Real-Time Clock Counts Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date of the Month, Month, Day of the Week, and Year with Leap-Year Compensation Valid Up to 2100
    • Optional format : 24-hour OR 12-hour with an AM/PM indicator
    • Supports trickle-charge for the backup battery
  • Universal 32.768kHz crystal
  • Onboard battery holder
  • Features SPI interface, supports 3-wire and/or 4-wire sync serial communication


  • Operating voltage: 2.0V ~ 5.5V
  • Backup battery voltage : 3.0V ~ 5.0V
  • Operating temperature : 0°C ~ +70°C
  • Power consumption : <1mW (keeping Clock and RAM data)
  • Dimension : 31mm * 15mm


  • Hand-held device
  • Electronic watch
  • Electronic clock


Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.

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DS1302 RTC Board × 1

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