EZO™ Humidity Circuit

Product Code: AS EZO-HUM-C

EZO™ Humidity Circuit
EZO™ Humidity Circuit
EZO™ Humidity Circuit
EZO™ Humidity Circuit

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The EZO Humidity Circuit is designed to be embedded with your electronics, reading the humidity of your enclosure. While there is no reason it can’t read the humidity of a room, it lacks the housing needed to protect the electronics. The EZO Humidity circuit gives the same readings as our EZO-HUM Probe. There is no difference in the readings or accuracy, only the design.


Reads - Relative humidityDew pointAir temperature

Range - 0 – 100%

Calibration - Factory calibrated

Accuracy - +/- 2%

Response time - 1 reading per second (UART mode)

1 reading per 300 milliseconds (I2C mode)

Data protocol - UART & I2C

Default I2C address - 111 (0x6F)

Data format - ASCII

Operating voltage - 3.3V − 5V


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