FMC Pcam Adapter

Product Code: DG 410-372

FMC Pcam Adapter
FMC Pcam Adapter
FMC Pcam Adapter
Brand: Digilent

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The FMC Pcam (CSI-2 interface) Adapter is a cost-effective way to add cameras to your FPGA or APSoC development board with the high speed, FMC connector. The FMC Pcam Adapter is designed to work with Digilent's Pcam camera solutions and comes in two versions: dual (to connect two cameras) and a quad (to connect four). The dual version will be available at a later date. 

The FMC Pcam Adapter enables designers to develop multiple camera systems by allowing the attachment of low-cost camera modules to high speed development boards. Application areas include: developing high speed engines for video processing, advanced video algorithms, video content analysis, processing digital video in real time, intelligent vision solutions, and any embedded vision application. 

On board the FMC Pcam Adapter are system-side connectors which use level translators from MIPI-FPHY to LVDS and LVCCMOS. It is compatible with a VADJ voltages 1.8 – 3.3V. To read more about the technical specifications, please visit the FMC-Pcam Adapter Reference Manual. Because of the clocking sensitivity to video processing solutions, we recommend that you check your host board (carrier cards's) FMC specifications to determine if the FMC Pcam Adapter will work for you. If you are using Digilent System Boards, the FMC Pcam Adapter is compatible with the following FMC enabled Digilent Boards: ZedBoard, Nexys Video, Genesys 2, and NetFPGA-1G-CML. 


  • Two/Four Pcam system-side connectors
  • Level translators from MIPI D-PHY to LVDS and LVCMOS
  • Male FMC LPC connector for digital signals
  • Compatible with a wide range of VADJ voltages (1.8V – 3.3V)

Please check the compatibility of the FMC Pcam Adapter with your design before purchase. We recommend that you implement an RTL design with the desired number of D-Phy interfaces constrained to the pin-out of the carrier card to be used for development, then checking for compatibility. Click here to see more on compatibility.

What's Included:

  • FMC Pcam Adapter: quad version (four connectors)
  • Digilent custom packaging

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