Feather Click Shield

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Feather Click Shield
Feather Click Shield
Feather Click Shield
Feather Click Shield

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We are introducing our first Feather to mikroBUS adapter board which will allow you to quickly make prototypes by combining more than 100 of Adafruit Feather compatible base-boards with hundreds of Click boards.



The Feather is Adafruit’s standardized open source development platform for IoT projects. The Adafruit Feather & FeatherWing system consist of base board (Feather) and expansion boards (Wings). They are connected to each other over standardized 28-pins connector (two rows of 16-pin and 12-pin connectors) and supports all interface needed for communication with any Click board. For more information about Feather boards and standard please visit their standard page.

Our Feather Click Shield with two mikroBUS sockets as wings is proving needed expansion of your Feather boards by allowing you project to "fly" with more than 750 Click boards. You name it we have it! This amount of Click boards gives you a versatile selection of peripheral devices that can be taken off the shelf and used for prototyping in no time.

Main Features:


The Feather click sheild comes equipped with two proprietary mikroBUS™ sockets, allowing all the Click board™ devices to be interfaced with the Feather boards with no efforts at all. It is enough to place the small standardized add-on board of your choice on the top of the mikroBUS™ socket - and click it in. That is why this small add-on board is called Click board™ - it just clicks!

The mikroBUS™ standard is founded and maintained by MikroElektronika company, allowing all the various Click boards™ to perfectly fit in, without any compatibility issues. Besides the power available from the Feather board itself, the Feather click shield offers an additional 5V power supply (switchable through the onboard switch), required by some of the more power demanding Click boards™. This allows interfacing with an extended range of different devices. More information about the mikroBUS™ standard can be found on the official mikroBUS™ page.

Feather click shield is designed to enable connectivity between Feather base boards and Click boards for more easiest use. Once you plug Feather board into the Feather click shield it will allow you access to hundreds of Click boards working with 3.3V logic. For checking which Click boards are compatible with Feather boards please open our click Shop filter and select “3.3V” and “3.3V or 5V” options.

Note: You should avoid adding Click boards with 5V logic output since this boards potentially can damage Feather base-board input pins.

Power Your Inventions:

When USB type C connector is connected to the shield the PWR diode will glows Blue, at this setup the connected Feather base-board and two mikroBUS sockets will be powered from it. Maximum overload on the mikroBUS connectors should not exceed 2A on 3.3V, and load on 5V will depends directly from the current that can supply USB source to which this shield is connected (PC, USB hub, etc).

When USB mini connector is connected to the Feather base-board the PWR diode will glows Green, at this setup the Feather base board itself will be powered and will provide power to the shield including two mikroBUS sockets. The maximum current that Feather main board can provide over USB cannot exceed 500mA.

When USB type C connector is connected to the shield and USB mini connector is connected to the Feather base-board the PWR diode will glows Cyan, at this setup the mikroBUS sockets are powered from the Type C connector and Feather base-board is unloaded from delivering power to them. Feather base board is powered from his own source (USB mini) over which you can also upload program to your board.

Feather To MikroBus Pinout:

We are introducing our first Feather to mikroBUS adapter board which

Specification Table:

Type Adapter,Shield
Applications IoT applications with Feather boards which require additional peripheral devices
On-board modules Feather connector for connecting compatible Feather boards, power part for converting 5V USB to the 3.3V
Interface Analog,GPIO,I2C,PWM,SPI,UART
Compatibility mikroBUS
Input Voltage 3.3V,5V


 Feather Click Shield example on Libstock

 Feather Click Shield 2D and 3D files

 Feather Click Shield schematic

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