Equipment Set TP 1312 Smart Sensors

Product Code: Festo 81163-5

Equipment Set TP 1312 Smart Sensors
Equipment Set TP 1312 Smart Sensors
Equipment Set TP 1312 Smart Sensors
Brand: Festo

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Using an open communication protocol, such as IO-Link® or OPC UA, smart sensors become visible through all layers of Industry 4.0 manufacturing networks (machines, PLCs, SCADA, MES, ERP, Cloud). They monitor a variety of physical variables in real time, collect, and transmit data to operators, technicians, and engineers.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses the most important smart sensors in Industry 4.0 with a comprehensive learning path

  • Industrial IO-Link® communication master module with 3 different Ethernet protocol
  • Enables building IO-Link® communication setups just like in the industry with sensors, IO-Link® master and PLC with possibility to add smart interface also in the learning experience
  • Easy to integrate the specific smart sensors you need with the right curriculum
  • Develops new skills for the newest smart sensor technology
  • Prepares students for further learning in factory automation

Topic Coverage

  • Understanding the benefits of smart sensors in the context of Industry 4.0

  • Selecting up, parameterizing, monitoring, and adjusting sensors
  • Setting up IO-Link® communication
  • Integrating sensors into different manufacturing communication layers
  • Performing predictive maintenance
  • Replacing sensors and uploading settings automatically
  • Troubleshooting sensors


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