Flip&Click PIC32MZ

Product Code: MIKROE-2340

Flip&Click PIC32MZ
Flip&Click PIC32MZ
Flip&Click PIC32MZ
Flip&Click PIC32MZ
Flip&Click PIC32MZ

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Flip&Click PIC32MZ is a two-sided development board with a split personality. It can be used with chipKIT core (Arduino-style development environment), but it can also be used with mikroC, mikroBasic, and mikroPascal for PIC32. It’s a beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards.

What's on the board

Using Flip&Click PIC32MZ with chipKITbootloader

  1. Plug in Flip&Click (use the USB port between C and D socket).
  2. Launch Arduino IDE
  3. Download ChipKIT core (for detailed instruction, see the user manual)
  4. Start writing Arduino sketches.

Using Flip&Click PIC32MZ with MikroE bootloader

  1. Plug in Flip&Click PIC32MZ (use the USB port between A and B socket).
  2. Start mikroC PRO for PIC32
  3. Write your code
  4. Start MikroElektronika USB HID bootloader (detailed instructions in the user manual)
  5. Download your code on MCU.

More than 300 click boards available

In Arduino-terms, click boards™ are like mini shields. Their small size allows you to add up to four different sensors, transceivers, encoders, or any other types of chips or modules while keeping the design compact (no stacking). More than 300 click boards™ are available.

Visit the shop, and find the click boards™ that suit your project the most.

Tech Support

For any questions or tech support you might need, your go-to source of wisdom is the MikroElektronika helpdesk. We are happy to help. All we ask in return is that you have fun with your Flip&Click PIC32MZ.


Applications Beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards
Architecture PIC32 (32-bit)
Programming via mikroE bootloader and via chipKIT bootloader
Key Features Clock: up to 250 MHz
Interface I2C,UART,SPI,PWM,Analog,GPIO
Expandability 4 x mikroBUS sockets, 1 x Arduino socket
Input Voltage 5V (via USB)


 Flip&Click PIC32MZ mikrobootloader
 Flip&Click PIC32MZ user manual

 Flip&Click PIC32MZ Examples

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