Grove - 5-Way Switch

Product Code: Seeed 111020048

Grove - 5-Way Switch
Grove - 5-Way Switch
Grove - 5-Way Switch
Grove - 5-Way Switch
Brand: Seeedstudio

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The Grove - 5-Way Switch can be used to detect the switch position and event like single click/double click/long press, etc. It can detect left/right/up/down/center 5 directions. The 5-way switch will be a great option for multifunction control.

With only one small switch to meet all your needs for switch control!


  • 5 way switch

  • Good heat resistance

  • Long operating Life

  • Grove compatible

Typical Applications

  • Game control

  • Multifunction control

Pin Map


Technical Details

Dimensions 40mm x 20mm x 11mm
Battery Exclude

Part List

  • Grove - 5-Way Switch
  • Grove Cable
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