Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit

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Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit
Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit
Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit
Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit
Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit
Holybro X500 V2 ARF Kit
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About this product:  The X500 V2 ARF (Almost Ready-to-Fly) Kit by Holybro is an affordable, lightweight, and robust carbon fiber professional drone kit that is easy to assemble (less than 15 minutes). It comes with the X500 V2 Frame Kit, motors, ESCs, power distribution boards, and propellers preinstalled. It is perfectly compatible with various flight controllers such as the Holybro Pixhawk series, Durandal, Pix32 V5, etc. There are numerous improvements compared to the previous model.

About the Frame : The X500 V2 Frame Kit is made with full carbon fiber twill, with carbon fiber tube arms supported by the newly designed fiber reinforced nylon connectors with convenient notches on both motor and body sides, providing a much easier & more straightforward installation. The landing gear consists of 16mm & 10mm diameter carbon fiber tubes with connectors that have been thickened and strengthened.

VIDEO: HolyBro X500 V2 Development Frame: Perfect for students and research

Features :
New design and minimal assembly time (~15 minutes)
Carbon Fiber frame with fiber-reinforced nylon connectors providing easy & straightforward installation
Pre-installed motors & ESCs with simple XT30 power plugs for PDB
Power distribution board (PDB) with XT60 & XT30 plugs - no soldering needed
Mount for companion computers such as Raspberry Pi & Nvidia Jetson Nano
Optional depth camera mount for Intel RealSense & Structure Cor

Specifications :
Wheelbase: 500mm
Motor mount pattern: 16x16mm
Frame Body: 144x144mm, 2mm thick
Landing gear height: 215mm
Space between top and bottom plates: 28mm
Weight: 610g

Recommended (Not Included)
Flight Controller - Pixhawk 6C, Pixhawk 6x, Pixhawk 5x, Pixhawk 4, Pixhawk 4 Mini, Durandal, Pix32 v5
Power Module - PM02D, PM03D Power Module, PM02 V3,
GPS - DroneCAN M8N/M9N GPS, Holybro M8N/M9N GPS, H-RTK M8P/F9P Rover Lite & Helical
Battery - 4S 2000-5000mAh Lipo

1x X500 V2 Frame Kit 
With Preinstalled Items: 
Motors - Holybro 2216 KV920 Motor (4 pcs)
ESCs - BLHeli S ESC 20A (4 pcs)
1045 Propellers (6 pcs)
Power Distribution Board – XT60 plug for battery & XT30 plug for ESCs & peripherals

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