Key Fob Remote Controlled Switch 2-Channel Solid-State Long Range Wireless

Product Code: NCD SSR2XPL_KFX

Key Fob Remote Controlled Switch 2-Channel Solid-State Long Range Wireless
Key Fob Remote Controlled Switch 2-Channel Solid-State Long Range Wireless
Brand: NCD

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Long-Range Remote Controlled Switch 2-Channel with Solid-State SPST Relays

This 2-Channel Solid-State relay board is controlled from a programmable remote control Key Fob.  Available with a wide variety of AC or DC Solid-State relays (configured during purchase).  Built on ProXR, our Key Fob controllers are capable of controlling relays in a wide variety of ways.  Configure Key Fob buttons to toggle a relay, turn a relay on or off, Flash a relay, activate a relay for a period of time, and more.  The KFX series Key Fob controllers are unique in the industry because they provide tremendous relay control functionality.  This controller is equipped with Solid-State relays, ideal for high-reliability automation applications.  KFX series controllers are available with an industry leading 750 or 1,000 foot range remote controls, configured during purchase.  Configure the KFX Key Fob receiver with your computer.  Once configured, a computer is no-longer required.  We can also custom pre-configure Key Fob controllers for you so they are ready for installation upon receipt.  Pair up to 40 remotes with a single Key Fob relay controller with complete security encryption.  Every remote will control the relays in the same way.  Operates on 12VDC.  Power supply, Key Fob remote controls, and other accessories sold separately.

About Key Fob Relays

Our 2nd generation Key Fob Series controllers allow users to control relays from a hand-held remote up to 750 feet away! Configure buttons to toggle relays, turn relays on and off, activate timers and control relay flashers. Integrated security features prevent unauthorized operation while maintaining easy configuration. Pair up to 40 different Key Fob remotes to a single controller.

How it Works

The Key Fob series controllers include a custom designed KFX Receiver to receive Key Fob signals and send pre-programmed data to the relay controller. When a button is pressed on the Key Fob, the KFX Receiver will send up to 9 bytes of data to the relay controller.

The KFX Receiver can be removed from the relay controller and connected to a computer for easy configuration. The KFX Receiver can be configured for button press and button release events. Use our free Base Station software to change the settings inside the KFX Receiver for controlling relays in different ways, such as relay timers, toggle commands, relay on/off and relay flashers.

The KFX Receiver can be configured for button press and button release events. If you intend to use smaller key fobs with less than 8 buttons, it is possible to use the extra KFX memory to send more than 9 bytes when buttons are pressed and released.

Additional Information

With a single KFX receiver module, users may associate up to 40 key fobs, including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8-Button remotes. KFX modules reach working distances of up to 750 feet, with superior responsiveness over previous generations of Key Fob receivers. Every Key Fob paired with a KFX Receiver will perform the exact same function as another Key Fob paired with the same KFX Receiver. It is not possible for each remote to be separately identified and generate different data. Put simply, every remote does exactly the same thing when paired with the same KFX Receiver.

Key Fob Configuration

The KFX Receiver Module is configured using our Base Station Software, and must be plugged into the ZIGMO only during configuration. Only one ZIGMO is needed regardless of the number of KFX Receivers you intend to use. The ZIGMO acts as an interface between your computer and the KFX Receiver, allowing you to define the Baud Rate, and Data Bytes that are transmitted for each Key Fob button Press. The ZIGMO is included with the KFX Integration Kit.

Note: We do advise that if you are pairing numerous key fobs to a given KFX receiver module that the button number on each Key Fob is the same for all key fobs, however, this is not absolutely required, but it may make using the KFX easier.

Solid State Relays

Solid state relays are ideal for agricultural switching applications, or remotely located switching.  SSRs are frequently chosen to control pumps, valves, solenoids, lights, and other high-reliability applications.  NCD solid-state relay controllers do not include solid-state relays, but you will have the option to choose the type of solid state relays you require when customizing your product. This controller is designed specifically to fit select Crydom solid-state relays, but may be compatible other solid-state relays made by other companies.


  • 2-Channel AC or DC Solid-State Relays
  • Key Fob Remote Controlled Relays with Antenna
  • 750 to 1,000 Foot Range Depending on Remote
  • Pair up to 40 Key Fob Remotes with Security Encryption
  • Wireless Remote Relay Control with Programmable Functions
  • Programmable Relay Functions Including:
    • Relay Flash, Toggle, On/Off, and Timer Control
  • Configure with your PC over USB then Install Permanently
  • 12VDC Operation with Relay and Busy/Ready LEDs
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