Libelium-Yazamtec SmartParking Sigfox Solution Kit

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Libelium-Yazamtec SmartParking Sigfox Solution Kit
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This kit enables detection of free parking spots. It is designed to be placed on-road (surface installation) in parking spaces and to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles with a three axis electromagnetic field sensor.

It includes solution oriented software already integrated with Yazamtecand Sigfox connectivity.

Software Solution


Do you need to offer your customer a turnkey solution for street parking management, monitoring and drivers guidance? Do you want to impress your customers with a proof of concept?

Our Smart Flow cloud platform is the answer. We help you connect your devices, manage your assets, generate insights and provide value added applications to your customers across different countries and continents

We offer:

  • A test environment to try the solution
  • A turnkey solution including devices, platform and applications
  • Flexible subscription plan
  • An App for your customers
  • Consulting services to integrate your own devices

Service included real time data of occupation, mobility studies and the option of integrating date into a payment system.

More information about YazamTec:

Free trial: YazamTec offers a 1 month free trial account for each solution kit and a monthly subscription fee after trial period ends.

Rates after Free trial: 69,99 €/month/kit (10 nodes)

Important: with your order you will receive a user Guide explaining how to set up for trial account and connect devices.


Sigfox Logo

  • Sigfox is one of the leaders of LPWAN (Low Power, Wide Area Networks)
  • Sigfox offers a network of base stations to enable cellular connectivity specially designed for IoT devices
  • This disruptive technology achieves very long range and low power consumption
  • The Sigfox network is already deployed in more than 25 countries. The network is spreading in many other countries

Sigfox Connectivity Diagram

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Hardware Components

Item Qty
Smart Parking node 10
Smart Parking Installation Key 1
Smart Parking USB Programmer 1
Item Qty
Magnet for contactless reset 1
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