7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (E) 800 × 480

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7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (E) 800 × 480
7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (E) 800 × 480
7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (E) 800 × 480

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Key Parameters

Interface RGB
Touch Controller GT811
Touch Panel Type Capacitive (5 multi-touch)
Backlight LED
Display Size (mm) 154.08 (W) × 85.92 (H)
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.0642 (W) × 0.1790 (H)
Resolution 800 × 480 (Pixel)
Operating Voltage 3.0V~3.6V

RGB Interface Definition

Pin No. Symbol Description Type Function
1 BL_VDD Power positive Power Backlight power, connects to 5V power supply
3 GND Ground GND
4 VDD Power positive Connects to 3.3V power supply
5 R0 Data pin Input Red data
6 R1
7 R2
8 R3
9 R4
10 R5
11 R6
12 R7
13 G0 Data pin Input Green data
14 G1
15 G2
16 G3
17 G4
18 G5
19 G6
20 G7
21 B0 Data pin Input Blue data
22 B1
23 B2
24 B3
25 B4
26 B5
27 B6
28 B7
29 GND Ground Power GND
30 DCLK LCD clock Input LCD clock signal
31 DISP Backlight control enable Input Enabled/Disable backlight control
32 HSYNC Horizontal Synchronization Input Horizontal Synchronization signal input
33 VSYNC Vertical Synchronization Input Vertical Synchronization signal input
34 DE Control mode selection Input DE = 0 : SYNC mode
DE = 1 : DE mode
35 PWM Backlight brightness adjustment Input PWM signal for adjusting backlight
36 GND Ground Power GND
37 I2C_SDA I2C data Input/Output I2C data pin, read/write data
38 I2C_SCL I2C clock Input I2C clock pin
39 CAP_RST Reset Input Reset the TP controller
40 CAP_INT Interrupt Output External touch interrupt

External Dimension

7inch Resistive Touch LCD external dimension

Development Resources

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This item is compatible with and can be directly connected with the following product(s):

  • Open746I

The pinout is fully compatible with the following product(s):

  • 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D)
  • 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F)
  • 10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D)

The pinout is partially compatible with the following product(s) (only the displaying pins):

  • 7inch Resistive Touch LCD
  • 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD
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