Low Power, Single-Supply, Rail-To-Rail OPAMP OPA4344PA

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Low Power, Single-Supply, Rail-To-Rail OPAMP OPA4344PA

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Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Lo Pwr Single-Sply Rail-to-Rail

An amplifier is an electronic device which produces a larger replica of its analog input (in voltage and/or current) at the output. There are several amplifier types, the most common being the operational amplifier.

The OPA344 and OPA345 series rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers are designed for precision, low-power, miniature applications. The OPA344 is unity gain stable, while the OPA345 is optimized for gains greater than or equal to five, and has a gain-bandwidth product of 3MHz.

The OPA344 and OPA345 are optimized to operate on a single supply from 2.5V and up to 5.5V with an input Common-mode voltage range that extends 300mV beyond the supplies. Quiescent current is only 250µA (max). Rail-to-rail input and output make them ideal for driving sampling analog -to-digital converters. They are also well suited for general purpose and audio applications and providing me /V conversion at the output of D /A converters. Single, dual and quad versions have identical specs for design flexibility

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