Luxeon Rebel High Power LED - Cool White 120lm

Product Code: SFE COM-10178

Luxeon Rebel High Power LED - Cool White 120lm

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This product has been discontinued

Description: This is a super-high intensity Luxeon Rebel LED, cool white in color. These LEDs provide optimized light quality and efficiency to address a number of project needs, including LED illumination.

These are the higher powered Rebels with 120 lumen output at 350mA.

These LEDs can be blindingly bright and have a max forward current of 1A! This LED has a typical forward voltage of 3VDC (2.55V to 3.99V range). They’re also tiny; measuring in at about 3 x 4.5 mm.

These LEDs can get toasty; you may want to consider adding some form of heatsinking to them. In addition to the heatsink, we also carry a lens and lens carrier specific to the rebel LEDs. Those components are all part of a solderless LED holder, they all snap together and really simplify the connection to these LEDs.

Note: These were found in our production stock and will be available one last time before they sell out. We will not be carrying these LEDs once they are gone, get them while you can.


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