MCP23017 16-Channel 8W 12V FET Solenoid Driver Valve Controller with IoT Interface

Product Code: NCD PR20-5

MCP23017 16-Channel 8W 12V FET Solenoid Driver Valve Controller with IoT Interface
MCP23017 16-Channel 8W 12V FET Solenoid Driver Valve Controller with IoT Interface
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This 16-Channel power FET driver allows high-current loads to be controlled from your favorite IoT communications module using I2C communications.  This device uses sixteen BUK98150-55A power FETs, allowing on/off cloud control of 16 channels. Control High-Power Relays, Solenoids, Valves, LEDs or incandescent lighting from anywhere in the world.  The BUK98150-55A is capable of switching up to 12VDC and 5.5 Amps of current (8 Watts of Heat Dissipation), making it an ideal choice for inductive or resistive switching applications.  This device is an ideal choice for IoT controlled 12VDC motors, pumps, valves, and solenoids.  The MCP23017 GPIO chip is used as a driver for this controller, making communications easy and expandable to up to 8 devices on a single I2C port.

What is the NCD IoT Interface?

The NCD IoT Interface provides users with a means of changing or upgrading the IoT communications technology as new technologies emerge.  The NCD IoT Interface is directly compatible with Particle Photon for WiFi communications, Electron for Cellular Communications, Bluz for Bluetooth.  Optionally, adapters may be installed to provide a direct interface to Arduino Nano, Micro, USB, PyCom WyPy, Onion Omega, Raspberry Pi, and much more.  The NCD IoT interface allows you to re-use your hardware so it never becomes obsolete!  Based on I2C communications, the NCD IoT Interface uses only 2 GPIO lines of your microcontroller, freeing the rest of your CPU for other tasks.

Unlimited I2C Expansion

Based on our plug-and-play I2C interface standard, all NCD IoT devices are equipped with a I2C expansion port, making it easy to expand to a wide variety of sensors, current monitors, relay controllers, PWM controllers, and much more!  We are always designing new expansions for our plug-and-play I2C framework.  We are dedicated to building a product line of interconnected devices to simplify all forms of automation.  Re-use or upgrade your hardware in seconds by selecting the modules that best fit your needs, and chaining them together using the included I2C expansion cables!


  • 12V On/Off Power Fet Controller Shield with IoT Interface
  • Compatible with Particle Photon, Electron, or Bluz
  • Adaptable to Arduino, PyCom, Raspberry Pi, Onion and more
  • 16-Channel 12V Outputs Rated for Use with Inductive Loads
  • Provides 12V On/Off Control of Solenoids, Valves and DC Motors
  • Solid-State On/Off Control of 12V Incandescent or High-Power LED Lighting
  • 16 N-Channel BUK98150-55A 12V 5.5A 8W Power Fets
  • Designed for Resistive or Inductive Solid State DC Switching Applications
  • I2C Expansion Port for Adding External Sensors or Controllers
  • MCP23017 16-Channel I2C Interface
  • Includes FREE I2C Expansion Cable
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