Google Coral USB Accelerator

Product Code: MGSL Coral USB Accelerator

Google Coral USB Accelerator
Google Coral USB Accelerator
Google Coral USB Accelerator
Brand: MG Super LABS

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A USB accessory that brings machine learning inferencing to existing systems. Works with Raspberry Pi and other Linux systems.

Local inferencing

Run on-device ML inferencing on the Edge TPU designed by Google.

Works with Debian Linux

Connect to any Linux-based system with an included USB Type-C cable.

Supports TensorFlow lite

No need to build models from the ground up. Tensorflow Lite models can be compiled to run on USB Accelerator.

Tech Specs

ML accelerator Google Edge TPU coprocessor
Connector USB Type-C* (data/power)
Dimensions 65 mm x 30 mm

Compatible with Raspberry Pi boards at USB 2.0 speeds only.

Supported Operating Systems

Debian Linux

Supported Frameworks

TensorFlow Lite

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