Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station Smoke Vacuum BGA Soldering Rework Station

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Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station Smoke Vacuum BGA Soldering Rework Station
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Panel  Dispaly



Humanization Functions


1.CH1/CH2/CH3 three storage sections function

Each storage segment can storeall the features of the current machine (eg:airflow, temperature,air gun manual/automatic mode, iron 

sleep time, temperature correction ...... which is currently on display all function values can be stored), you can quickly switch between each storage segment.


2.Air gun manual/automatic function


Automatic mode: pick up the hot air gun and the temperature raise into the working state.Putting down the air gun,the temperature cools down and the gun enter into dormant standby mode;


Manual mode:the hot air gun has kept working.The manual function of the air gun is suitable for the working condition of the frequent use of the gun.It can save the time if heating and cooling.


3.Temperature calibration function


If the machine need replace spare parts or starts to show temperature error problem because of accessories aging, you can do temperature correction ± 50 ° C

via this function to make the machine return to normal temperature.


5.Iron Sleep Function (Available for Setting 0-99 Minutes)


Schematic Diagram of Intelligent Dormancy

1.Be static and excess the set sleep time;

2.Start dormancy, temperature down to 200℃;

3.When it reached 200℃,iron tip greatly reduces to be oxidized;

4.Gentle shaking iron, temperature quickly rises to the set temperature.


Seiko fine material & high quality


 a.Smoking function

The soldering iron is sucked through smoke,dust absorption,filtration.This function to achieve the effect of air purification,and bring user to a health,protection environment.


b.Vacuum suction pen


Unplug the iron smoke absorb tube,plug in the suction pen,choose the suitable sucker with the IC,open the switch of the hot air gun and vacuum,the hot air gun starts to work,then you can use the suction pen.


c.Skeleton winding heating element


Nickel chromium heating wire, skeleton winding,higher heat generating efficiency, more stable and stronger shock anti-strike capability , longer use life.


d.High power iron heating element


1.Double panel circuit board

Both sides have copper connected joint,welding,seldom appreas false welding.It's not easy to be damaged,higher stability ability.

2.Reliable anti-static grounding design to eliminate the hidden safety problems.

3.Insulating silicone sleeve to protect the connecting wire from contacting the metal parts of the iron to make iron more secure.

4.High power 60W imported heating element,heating faster than small power soldering iron.


e.High temperature silicone cord


1.Super high temperature resistance

It can effectively avoid the air gun and the iron handle damaged the handle line accidentally when working;

2.Flexible,to operate feel good

It is not deformed even be bending.Don't have a sense of pulling to the handle when operation

3.Working in ultra-low temperature working environment

It can still maintain a flexible state even in lower temperature.


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