Kingbright KM2520ZGC09 Green LED

Product Code: MGSL-1008

Kingbright KM2520ZGC09 Green LED
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Kingbright SMT Subminiature Package

The KM2520 range of solid state lamps, from Kingbright, come in a subminiature surface mount package. These subminiature LEDs offer long life with solid state reliability. The KM2520 subminiature package has a low package profile with a range of lead types and water clear lens. Their domed subminiature lens shape enables a wide viewing angle. 

Features of the KM2520 subminiature LEDs:
Lead types: Gull-wing (GW), yoke and z-bend
2.0 x 2.5 x 2.8 mm package size
Low profile package
Wide viewing angle

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