MINI-M4 for MSP432

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MINI-M4 for MSP432
MINI-M4 for MSP432
MINI-M4 for MSP432
MINI-M4 for MSP432

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MINI-M4 for MSP432 is a small ARM Cortex™-M4 development board containing MSP432P401RIRGCmicrocontroller. This compact and powerful development board is designed to work as a standalone device or as an MCU card in DIP40 socket.

MINI-M4 for MSP432 operates on a 3.3V power supply. The onboard voltage regulator allows the board to be powered directly from USB cable.

What’s on the board

All these features make the MINI-M4 for MSP432 a small and efficient development system:

USB HID bootloader

MINI-M4 for MSP432 is pre-programmed with USB UART Bootloader so it is not necessary to have an external programmer.

Microcontroller features

The SimpleLink MSP432P401x microcontrollers are optimized wireless host MCUs with an integrated 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capable of up to 16 ENOB delivering ultra-low-power performance including 80 µA/MHz in active power and 660 nA in standby power with FPU and DSP extensions.

Onboard oscillators

The board is equipped with a 48MHz crystal oscillator and 32.768kHz crystal which can be used for internal RTCC module.

Key features

  • MSP432P401RIRGC microcontroller
    • ARM® 32-Bit Cortex® -M4F CPU
    • Up to 256KB of Flash Main Memory
    • Up to 64KB of SRAM 
  • Pre-programmed with Bootloader
  • 3.3V power supply


Architecture ARM (32-bit)
MCU speed up to 48 MHz
MCU Memory 256KB of Flash Main Memory, 64KB of SRAM
On-board modules 3 x LEDs, 1 x Reset Button, USB connector
Key Features Small development board
Key Benefits Comes preprogrammed with USB HID Bootloader
Input Voltage 5V (via USB) or 3.3V (via external source)


 Bootloader for the MINI-M4 for MSP432

 MSP432P401RIRGC datasheet

 MINI-M4 for MSP432 schematic

 MINI-M4 for MSP432 manual

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