Magnetic Sensor MGSS-10

Product Code: ROBT 902-0093-000

Magnetic Sensor MGSS-10

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  • This sensor is used to detect magnets in the surroundings.
  • Like the touch sensor which requires direct contact to work, the magnetic sensor works by sensing whether the magnet is near or far away from the sensor.
  • The difference between the touch sensor is that the magnet can be detected when it’s 5mm apart from the sensor (doesn’t require actual contact).
  • Rivets of the ROBOTIS DREAM Kit can be used to assemble the sensor onto robots.

Package Components

Magnetic Sensor 1
Magnet Bracket 1
5P Cable 150mm 1

H/W Specifications

Size 24mm x 18mm x 12mm

Compatible Products

CM-150, CM-200, CM-530, OpenCM9.04, OpenCM7.0


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