Micro SD HC Card 16GB

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Micro SD HC Card 16GB

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The 16GB SD Memory Cards mean you dont miss out on what your mobile phone or tablet can do. You can capture more photos, record more HD videos and play more music on your mobile phone or tablet. Or, if you need to carry round more information for your work, you can trust 16GB SD Memory Cards to keep your business contacts, emails, presentations and other information safe and ready to hand. Mobile memory cards plug directly into most phones or tablets with a microSDHC memory card slot, so you can be more productive or simply get more enjoyment out of your day.

The capacity you need to store more

Smartphones and tablets can do so much these days that unless you have enough capacity you could be missing out on their capabilities. 16GB SD Memory Cards give you plenty of headroom for whatever you need to store, just in case even if you want to carry hundreds of family photos, hours of video or a comprehensive selection of your favourite music tracks around with you.

Make more of your time out

SD Memory Cards help store your photos, videos, music and more, so that it is easy for you to share your experiences, memorable moments and favourite tunes with your family and friends.

Make more of your work

Wherever you are, 16GB SD Memory Cards help keep your work to hand so that you can carry on with presentations, spreadsheets and documents at a moments notice, then share them with colleagues.

Keep on using your card anywhere

SD Memory Cards are designed to be waterproof, temperature-proof, shock-proof, vibration- proof and x-ray-proof, so they will keep on working whatever life throws at them.


The 16GB SD Memory Card works with any device that has a microSDHC memory card slot.

Package Contents

16GB Micro SD Card.


Micro SD Card Dimensions: 15x11x1mm (L x W x D)


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