Micro Servo Motor

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Micro Servo Motor

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Operating Voltage    :   4.8-6.0V

PWM Input Range    :   Pulse Cycle 20±2ms, Positive Pulse 1~2ms

STD Direction           :  Counter Clockwise / Pulse Traveling 1500 to 1900µsec

Stall Torque              :  0.8 kg (11  oz/in) at 4.8V,  1  oz/in) at 6V   

Operating Speed      :   0.14 sec/ 60° at 4.8V,  0.16 sec/ 60° at 6V at no load

Weight                       :   6 g (0.2  oz)

Size                            :   22*12.5*20*26.6

Plug Available           :   FUT, JR

Special Feature         :  Heavy Duty Plastic Gears, Economy Servo


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