New Arduino Sharp GP2Y02 IR Sensor

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New Arduino Sharp GP2Y02 IR Sensor

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It is an analog distance sensor designed to detect an object between 10 cm and 80 cm by using infrared. It is capable of measuring distances from an obstacle and provides a non-linear voltage output in relation to the distance an object is from the sensor and interfaces easily using any analog to digital converter. The interface is 3-wire with power, ground and output. This sensor comes with a 3 Pin JST cable.

Supply Voltage: 5V
Current: 33 to 50mA
Detecting Range: 10 to 80cm
Output: Analog, proportional to distance
Pin Definitions and Ratings

Key Features:
Less influence on the color of reflected objects, reflectivity
Analog voltage corresponding to distance output
External Control circuit is unnecessary
Sensor includes convenient mounting holes
Analog interface
Low Cost

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