Onion Omega Expansion Dock


Onion Omega Expansion Dock
Onion Omega Expansion Dock
Onion Omega Expansion Dock
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The Onion Omega Expansion Dock provides an easy way to power the Omega with any Micro USB cable and breaks out the Omega’s GPIO pins. You can use GPIO to control external circuits or connect Expansion boards to extend the functionality of your Omega. It also comes with an on-board USB-to-serial chip that allows you to access the terminal directly from your computer.

You can use the NCD Onion Omega DOCK adapter to connect hundreds of devices, sensors, controllers with Onion Omega.

The Dock exposes several of the Omega’s features to the user:

  • The Omega’s GPIOs are exposed on the Expansion Header.
  • Connect USB devices directly to your Omega
  • Control the RGB LED on the Dock using the Omega’s GPIOs
  • Press the Reset Button to reboot your Omega, hold it for 10 seconds to perform a factory restore
  • Turn your Omega on and off with the Power Switch

Use it with NCD onion Omega Dock adapter For more info on onion omega please check out


  • Onion Omega Dock
  • Easy Connection to Omega GPIO
  • On-board RGB LED
  • On-Board USB Master
  • Power the Omega from Micro USB
  • On-Board Power Switch
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