PVA Filament - 1.75mm 0.5 Kg

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PVA Filament - 1.75mm 0.5 Kg

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PVA (or PolyVinyl Alcohol) is widely used in traditional industries, such as the textile industry and papermaking industry. PVA is also used in a wide variety of coatings.

PVA’s water solubility makes PVA filament particularly suitable as a support material for printing complex ABS, or PLA structures. If your 3D printer has a dual extruder, you can print with ABS/PLA and PVA to build structures which are impossible to make without support material. When your print is done just give it a nice bath in cold/warm water, let the PVA dissolve resulting in a seemingly “impossible” creation made with a FFF/FDM desktop 3D printer. Imagine which complex structures you are now able to print…

Storage of PVA filament

As PVA is extremely susceptible to water, it is of the uttermost importance that you store your PVA filament in the best possible way. This would mean that you need to store your PVA filament in indoors at room temperature and off course in dry condition (e.g. in zip lock bag, or closed container with silica inside).

Product Features

  • 1.75mm superior grade, high strength 3D printer specific filament
  • Airtight vacuum packaging for prolonged storage capability and resistance to moisture
  • Increased resistance to breakage under high tension
  • Universal fit for 3D printer nozzles that accept 1.75mm filament
  • Color: Natural

Product Specification:

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Material: PVA
  • Print Temperature: 180-200C
  • Filament Weight: 0.5kg


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