Patient Position Sensor (Accelerometer)

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Patient Position Sensor (Accelerometer)
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The e-Health Body Position Sensor monitors five different patient positions (standing/sitting, supine, prone, left and right.) In many cases, it is necessary to monitor the body positions and movements made because of their relationships to particular diseases (i.e., sleep apnoea and restless legs syndrome). Analysing movements during sleep also helps in determining sleep quality and irregular sleeping patterns. The body position sensor could help also to detect fainting or falling of elderly people or persons with disabilities.

IMPORTANT: The e-Health Sensor Platform has been designed in order to help researchers, developers and artists to measure biometric sensor data for experimentation, fun and test purposes. However, as the platform does not have medical certifications it cannot be used to monitor critical patients who need accurate medical monitoring or those whose conditions must be accurately measured for an ulterior professional diagnosis.

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