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Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro
Monitor your world with Enviro and Enviro + Air Quality for Raspberry Pi! There's a whole bunch ..
The tiny little LiPo/LiIon power supply shim for all versions of the Raspberry Pi! We love mobile..
Pimoroni #LASERLIFE – Pimoroni Pin Party Enamel Pin Badge
Description Level up your lapel with our Pimoroni Pin Party enamel pin badges! These soft..
Pimoroni 1.12" Mono OLED (128x128, white/black) Breakout
Description A crisp, bright 1.12" OLED that's ideal for adding a small display to your p..
Pimoroni AS7262 6-channel Spectral Sensor (Spectrometer) Breakout
Description Detect six distinct channels of visible light with this fancy-pants spectral sen..
Pimoroni Automation HAT
Take control of and monitor your world with our ultimate jack-of-all-trades Raspberry Pi HAT! We&..
Pimoroni automation:bit
Description Control and monitor your world with automation:bit! It's tolerant of up to 24V, w..
Pimoroni Bearables Acorn Motion Sensor
Description An adorable acorn sensor to connect to and trigger your Bearables badge. ..
Pimoroni Bearables Bear Kit
Description A complete Bearables Bear Kit with coloured LED badge, motion sensor, thread, needles..
Pimoroni Bearables Bear LED Badge
Description A bewildered bear badge with 12 coloured LEDs and 12 light patterns, that'..
Pimoroni Bearables Flower Light Sensor
Description A cute flower light sensor to connect to and trigger your Bearables badge. Beara..
Pimoroni Bearables Fox Kit
Description A complete Bearables Fox Kit with coloured LED badge, light sensor, thread,..
Pimoroni Bearables Fox LED Badge
Description A sleepy fox badge with 12 coloured LEDs and 12 light patterns, that's sewable,..
Pimoroni BH1745 Luminance and Colour Sensor Breakout
Description A really sophisticated and accurate colour and luminance sensor breakout that's R..
Pimoroni Blinkt!
Eight super-bright RGB LED indicators that are ideal for adding visual notifications to your Ra..

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