Power Plug Phidget

Product Code: Phidget PSU1000_0

Power Plug Phidget
Power Plug Phidget
Brand: Phidgets

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If you have an appliance or device that uses mains power from a wall socket that you want to integrate into your Phidgets system, the PSU1000 is the safest and most convenient option available. Simply plug it into a wall socket, plug your appliance in, and connect a VINT Hub using a Phidget Cable. You'll be able to switch your device on and off using commands from our API in your program!

Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled By Digital Output
Physical Properties
Wall Plug Style North American
Electrical Properties
Load Current Max (AC) 15 A
Load Voltage Max (AC) 125 V AC
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8536.49.00
American HTS Import Code 8536.49.00.75
Country of Origin CN (China)
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