Power Window Motor with Coupling (Right)

Product Code: MO-PW-CR

Power Window Motor with Coupling (Right)
Power Window Motor with Coupling (Right)
Power Window Motor with Coupling (Right)
Brand: Cytron

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Everyone loves to build mobile robot with Power Window motor, but the shaft is not standard and difficult to mount a wheel to it :(

Now, the solution is here. Cytron has customize the coupling/hub that fit prefectly to power window motor, the coupling/hub can further be attach to 5 inches robot wheel easily with just 3 screws :) Now, building combat robot should be easy and fun!

The coupling/hub can be mounted with other mechanism as the mechanical/dimension drawing is provided.

For Arduino lovers, you can utilize 10A shield to drive this motor.

For normal control, try MD10C (single channel) or MDD10A (dual channels).

For RC (Radio Control) lovers, check out the MDDS10, smart drive dual-channel .

* This is Right door power window motor, if you are build mobile robot, get the Left door power window.

* The wheel is sold separately, photo is for illustration only.


  • Proton Wira Power Window Compatible

  • Right car door

  • Voltage Rating: 12VDC

  • No load Speed:  85 ± 15RPM

  • Rated Speed: 60 ± 15RPM

  • Current (No Load): <5A

  • Rated Current (Load): <15A

  • Stall Current (Locked): <28A at 12V

  • Rated Torque: (2.9N.m)

  • Stall Torque (Locked): 100 ± (~10N.m)

  • Perfect fit with 5 inches robot wheel.

  • Compatible motor driver:

  • Coupling mechanical/dimension

  • Motor Dimension Drawing

  • Packing list:

    • Power Window Motor with Custom Coupling/Hub

    • 3 x round head M5 screw

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