ProtoBoard 6cmx8cm 27x22 points

Product Code: MGSL 0115

ProtoBoard 6cmx8cm 27x22 points
Brand: MG Super LABS

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This is the best quality double-sided mini solderable breadboard we came across.Neatly designed and drilled with precision. If you have used protoboards before, you'll surely love this one.

Its size is 7cm x 9cm and the hole pitch is standard 2.54mm.

Available Sizes:

2cm x 8cm
3cm x 7cm
4cm x 6cm
5cm x 7cm
6cm x 8cm
7cm x 9cm
8cm x 12cm
9cm x 15cm


  • Double-sided Pads
  • Finely drilled
  • Tough FR-4 PCB
  • Including power pad
  • Clean hole
  • Points:22x27
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