R2R DAC Board

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R2R DAC Board

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The R/2R ladder DAC is an 8-bit Digital to Analog Converter. An 8-bit value from the microcontroller port will be converted into an equivalent analog voltage by means of the R/2R resistor network. The R/2R ladder DAC makes use of only two resistor values, but it requires 2N resistors to implement the N-bit conversion. The resistor values are in the ratio of 1:2. The R/2R DAC board output is provided with the MCP6284 operational amplifier used as a buffer in order to drive loads with current consumption of up to 20mA.


Type DAC
Applications Board is a low cost solution for applictions which require low-resolution digital to analog converters
On-board modules MCP6284 operational amplifier
Key Features 8-bit resolution of Analog-to-Digital conversion. R/2R DAC. Current consumption of up to 20mA.
Interface GPIO
Compatibility IDC10
Input Voltage 3.3V 


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