RF Receiver Module-433Mhz

Product Code: IM160127001

RF Receiver Module-433Mhz
RF Receiver Module-433Mhz
RF Receiver Module-433Mhz
RF Receiver Module-433Mhz
RF Receiver Module-433Mhz
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433Mhz RF receiver module is a low power consumption, high sensitivity radio receiver module. It uses internal software decoding and comes with data decoding circuit, no additional circuit needed to realize signal input and data output. Developers can simply develop wireless communication function through this module.


  • Input voltage range: 3.3V~5.0V

  • Low power consumption: 5V @433.92M, 3.8mA~6mA

  • Working frequency: 433.92M(can customize to 315M,390M,418M, etc.)
  • Modulation: ASK
  • Output mode: L mode(input valid signal , output corresponding signal. Valid signal disappear, it auto stop output)
  • Support multiple controller, such as controller with chip PT2260,PT2262,PT2264,EV1527, etc.
  • Good local oscillator radiation suppression, no interfering when single transmit and multiple receive


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For technical support, please open a ticket on Itead Support System.

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