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BLE Nano Kit v2
BLE Nano 2 is the smallest Bluetooth Low Energy System-on-Chip (SoC) development board. You could de..
BLE Nano v2 with headers
You must have at least one set of BLE Nano Kit v2 because you will need the companion boar..
Blend Micro - an Arduino Development Board with BLE
Blend Micro is our first integrated developement board, we have "blend"ed Arduino with Blu..
Blend V1.0 - a single board integrated with Arduino and BLE
Blend is an integrated developement board, we have "blend"ed Arduino with Bluetooth 4.0 Lo..
Blend v2
Redbear Blend 2 is an integrated "ARM + BLE 5.0" development board. We have integrated Nor..
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy - BLE Mini
You can now utilize Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology easily in your project with our BLE Mi..
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy - BLE Shield v2.1
BLE Shield 2 stands for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Shield version 2. It is designed to work with Ardui..
IoT pHAT (with header) for Raspberry Pi
This model comes with the female header soldered on. Add-on board that provides Wi-Fi and Bluetoo..
Nano Photo Board
We design this new Proto Board for you to get started easily. You can power your Nano via USB, coin ..
nRF52832 module (MB-N2) Pack of two
There are two MB-N2 modules in each pack. Our new BLE Module model# MB-N2 has Nordic nRF52832 BLE ch..
RBL NFC Antenna
Compatible with BLE Nano 2 and Blend 2. The Nordic SDK also provides example applications that demon..
RedBear Duo (with header)
This model comes with the headers soldered on. RedBear Duo is a thumb-size development board made..
RedBear RB Link
RBLink is designed for development application for RedBear Duo using Broadcom WICED SDK, i..
RedBearLab CC3200 WiFi board
RedBearLab CC3200 WiFi board, is based on CC3200 module that is provided by Texas Instruments (TI). ..
RedBearLab CC3200 WiFi Mini
This Product has been discontinued. RedBearLab CC3200 WiFi Mini, is based on CC3200 module that i..

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