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CoDrone Mini Battery
Need a little extra juice for your CoDrone Mini? This is an exact replacement for your CoDrone Mi..
CoDrone pro
The CoDrone Lite includes the CoDrone itself and the Bluetooth (BLE) board that ..
CoDrone Pro/Lite Carrying Case
 This is a CoDrone case that can hold up to 4 CoDrones. It has foam on the inside to protect yo..
Extra Battery for CoDrone Pro/Lite
Need an extra battery? Tired of constantly charging and stopping your CoDrone Pro/Lite?  Thi..
Extra Propellers for CoDrone Pro/Lite
A fresh new set of black CoDrone Pro/Lite propellers. Replace your old, damaged propellers to make s..
Motors for Zumi
A pair of DC motors for Zumi ..
Power Pack for CoDrone Mini
Keep your CoDrone Mini flying! The CoDrone Power Pack includes 1 multi-charger and 2 ..
Power Pack for CoDrone Pro/Lite
Keep your CoDrone powered up! The CoDrone Power Pack includes 1 Multi-Charger and 2 Lipo Batter..
Propeller Guard set for CoDrone Pro/Lite
Protect your CoDrone Pro/Lite! The Guard Set is a set of replacement guards that protect the CoDrone..
Propeller Motors for CoDrone Pro/Lite
Extra propeller motors for your CoDrone Pro/Lite. Each motor is bi-directionally geared. Simply det..
Rokit Smart Downloader Cable Set
This is a spare Rokit Smart downloader cable set, which can be used as a replacement for t..
Zumi is the first educational self-driving car kit that teaches artificial intelligence (AI) to ever..
Zumi Activity Cards
The Zumi Activity Cards are a set of 20 unique activities that will put your programming skills ..
Zumi Battery
Need a little extra juice for your Zumi? This is an exact replacement for your Zumi battery, if y..
Zumi Driving School Mat
This is a smaller driving school mat, featuring a variety of driving challenges, such as doing a wid..

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